Wednesday, April 10, 2013

eShakti Dress Review, Second Attempt

eshakti dresses
Cute eShakti dresses that will not fit my baby bump.  Sigh.

When the people at e-Shakti contacted me and offered me a sample from their spring line, I was completely excited:  ooh! free dress!  Plus, there were even more cute, colorful retro styles than the last time I was offered a sample.  

Then I looked down and remembered my gigantic baby bump.  

Now at the start of this 9 months, friends and bloggers told me that if I was creative, I could make normal clothes work for my newly maternal figure...for the whole 9 months.  One close friend said that she'd never bought any maternity tops, only pants.  Another insisted that Ann Taylor pants fit her the whole way through. Everyone declared that maternity clothes were awful monstrosities that should never be put near one's body, for fear of hurting your unborn with bad fashion.

This was not the case for me.  (I'm pretty sure these women are crazy, but maybe I'm just freakishly shaped?)

No, I'm the one who orders a maternity top from Gap and still finds that it is too short to fully cover this gigantic baby I'm baking.  So "real clothes" were simply a no-go.  Laughable, even.  I'd show you photos, but it would go from funny to sad very quickly.

Anyway, back to eshakti.  Free dress, right?  So I thought I'd give this whole non-maternity thing one more go.  I ordered a pretty chambray dress with an empire waist.  It was originally a maxi-dress, but I ordered it short so that I could wear it as a tunic top with leggings.  

Cute, chambray, too small for giant baby.

And it's really cute.  And it fits my belly!  And it has this nice little snap that keeps the top from busting open and over-exposing you.  

Except, I forgot one thing.  I forgot that the giant baby belly also comes with a serious increase in cup size.  We're talking 2+ full cup sizes, without a change in the band size.  Seriously.  They got big.  So big that they can't really properly fit into this dress.  Certainly too big to post a photo of me wearing it.

So you'll have to wait.  Once we're post-pregnancy, post-breastfeeding, it will make a darling little mini-dress.  

Wish me luck.

Thanks to e-shakti for sending me this dress!  I'm sorry I couldn't wear it properly, but blame the little one!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shopper's Anxiety (Okay, for me, it's every kind of anxiety.)

I've mentioned before that I deal with stress by shopping, but because I'm me, I also seem to create more stress for myself through shopping.  Let me explain.

Last month, long before it was sweater weather, I bought two sweaters from The Gap.  One was light-weight and Kelly Green (a color that I've never thought I could wear, but always wanted to because of how delightfully eponymous it is for me).  The other was my favorite color:  the perfect mix of blue and purple, just like my glasses.  I couldn't leave the store without it.

Of course, in my fashion fervor, I ignored that while the color was great, the sweater was so-so.  It was soft, but created a lot of static, the collar was too high, and the sleeves were somewhere between too long and too short.  I had the sneaking feeling I wouldn't wear it.

So, after a few tortured final try-ons, I returned it and bought this skirt instead.  It wasn't a mistake, I love this skirt.  I wore it two days in a row, and would have worn it today as well if I didn't always see the same people.  Seriously, it's comfortable, just the right length, it has pockets...I could go on and on about this skirt.

But of course, I can't let myself be happy for too long.  The skirt also comes in orange and I'm currently agonizing over whether or not I should get it in orange.  Is it weird that I constantly buy the same pieces in different colors?  Will anything in my wardrobe work with orange?  Maybe I should just wait and ask for it for my birthday.  What if it sells out! 

Seriously, I'm beyond help.

Now you know the exact time of day that I took this picture. 

This watch though, is another story.  I agonized surprisingly little over this watch.  Even though I have relatively good luck, I feel like I never win blog contests.   I guess my luck was just biding its time though, because I won a $100 to ShopBop through one of my favorite blogs, Respect the Shoes

Now, every rose has it's thorn, I suppose.  $100 does not go very far at ShopBop, land of the $45 hair-ties.  I'm not very label-conscious, so I couldn't see paying big bucks for a sweatshirt or tank-top, even if it was free money.  Luckily, a few of the watches fit neatly into my budget.  I'd had my eye on the LaMer wrap watches for a few seasons now, so this brown and gold piece was a natural choice.  The watch is absolutely beautiful.  No buyers remorse here!  (Thanks, Respect the Shoes!)